#StayHomeWrimo – Poetry

  Hello! Although I am still working (at home) I am trying to find little ways to put creativity into my life that falls outside of just writing. Writing, especially when you want to be a published writer, can be stressful, and we all know that the world is especially stressful - so if you're… Continue reading #StayHomeWrimo – Poetry

#StayHomeWriMo – Brainstorming Walks

NaNoWriMo came out with this brilliant concept, #StayHomeWriMo.  And as someone who was super enthused to start working on a new concept, this pulled me out of the COVID-19 Quarantine funk. Now, I haven't really written in a year. I've been stuck in projects that kept falling apart, corrupting, or disappearing.  So, having the flexibility… Continue reading #StayHomeWriMo – Brainstorming Walks