Just Keep Swimming

download.jpgHello, friends.

Today, I am here with a PSA. Writing a novel does not get easier. In fact, some people say every book you write will be completely different, and require different things from you.

Right now, I am not writing my novel, Basiyon Peninsula. I am writing a…something. It was supposed to be a short story, but right now it’s creeping towards a novella, and I’m itching to turn it into a full-fledged novel.

I am writing this book right now to get over finish-the-book-itis that I’ve been suffering for the past couple of years. Come hell or highwater, my goal is to finish this…story-book-thing by the end of April. I’m roughly halfway through right now.



I want to stop, and revise earlier scenes, add key turning points I just know I missed. But I won’t.

I want to stop, increase the spoopy factor of the ghost story, and balance the romantic elements between lovers. But I won’t.

Ultimately, I want to stop, because I’m scared. I know this isn’t as good as I want it to be, and that little voice in the back of my head says if I just take a day, maybe a week, ok, how about a whole month to outline, to brainstorm, to think—this story will be so much better.



What completely terrifies me right now, is I’m writing this story a page at a time. A sentence at a time. And, on my bad days? 4 words at a time. No breaks. No pauses. No new outlines. No craft books.

Just me and the project, plodding painfully along, until we finally get to, “the end,” and I can finally figure out just what it is that I am writing.



So for now, whatever you’re working on, whatever stage you’re at, just remember:

Just keep writing words. We will get to the end. We can face the fear and press through.

We can be like Dory, and just keep swimming.

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