Long Story Short…

Long story short... Life is busy!  We're hoping to be back in 2020 with some new content 🙂

Trunk, Junk, or just Stuck?

I have a lot of experience with trunking novels. In fact, all of the novel starts I've ever had....have been trunked - well, more than trunked - just thrown out and ignored forever. All of them, except for my current WIP. So what's the difference? Why this one over all the other ones? First I… Continue reading Trunk, Junk, or just Stuck?

Baking the Right Story: It takes a lot of Kneading

In the last post, Rin talked about "Magical Cookies", those morsels that you want to write, the things that keep you writing. While I agree with the sentiment, I just don't like the term "Magical Cookies". It seems...fluffy...campy...too silly. For me, writing is something you work at. Something more. For me, the trick to inspiration is to treat… Continue reading Baking the Right Story: It takes a lot of Kneading