Just Keep Swimming

Hello, friends. Today, I am here with a PSA. Writing a novel does not get easier. In fact, some people say every book you write will be completely different, and require different things from you. Right now, I am not writing my novel, Basiyon Peninsula. I am writing a...something. It was supposed to be a… Continue reading Just Keep Swimming

Writing Through the Crap

Brystan and I are going to spend the month talking about when to trunk a novel, when to press on, and how to tell what the right choice is.To kick us off for February, I thought I'd reflect on the last six hours, which was built on the last three weeks of my journal with… Continue reading Writing Through the Crap

Why you Need to Bake Magical Cookies

The magical cookies or cookie scenes are what I call those sparks in a story that makes you WANT to write. It’s the romantic tension you love and just can’t wait to reach. It’s the high-action fight you’re itching to write or the awesome sneakiness of your villain. It is basically the reason you wanted to write THIS book at THIS… Continue reading Why you Need to Bake Magical Cookies