Writing Goals vs Writing Resolutions

Happy 2019 readers! I hope it is going well for you so far.  My year has already had its ups and downs and we're....9 days in.  But, I'm ready to talk to you all about my writing goals for the year! First, in the beginning of the year, you always hear about resolutions.  People ask… Continue reading Writing Goals vs Writing Resolutions

Last Day of NaNoWriMo Update

So, it's another "losing" year for me. Sure, technically NaNoWriMo isn't over for another 8 hours and 10 minutes, but I'm working the next...5 of those. So. But, I did learn a lot about myself as a writer. Not "writer" in the philosophical or emotional sense, but "writer" as in...someone who goes through the physical… Continue reading Last Day of NaNoWriMo Update

Baking the Right Story: It takes a lot of Kneading

In the last post, Rin talked about "Magical Cookies", those morsels that you want to write, the things that keep you writing. While I agree with the sentiment, I just don't like the term "Magical Cookies". It seems...fluffy...campy...too silly. For me, writing is something you work at. Something more. For me, the trick to inspiration is to treat… Continue reading Baking the Right Story: It takes a lot of Kneading

Why you Need to Bake Magical Cookies

The magical cookies or cookie scenes are what I call those sparks in a story that makes you WANT to write. It’s the romantic tension you love and just can’t wait to reach. It’s the high-action fight you’re itching to write or the awesome sneakiness of your villain. It is basically the reason you wanted to write THIS book at THIS… Continue reading Why you Need to Bake Magical Cookies